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A rough route showing where we hope to go

The plan is to ride around Europe for half a year, camping, visiting places, meeting people, and volunteering; all on a tight budget and a YBR 125cc.  We're going to catch the ferry to Spain in early February to avoid the cold weather, then ride through Portugal, and back through Spain to Barcelona. We'll then cross the border and follow the south coast of France until we reach Italy. From there we'll head south, along the coast, past the Amalfi to the island of Sicily where we plan to stay for a short while.


After riding back up to northern Italy we head into eastern Europe, the part we are both looking forward to the most, hitting Slovenia where we'll volunteer at a youth conference, then Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania, finally arriving in Greece, another country we both look forward to a lot. From there we plan to ride north through Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and the Ukraine, before heading west again to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany.


The final leg of our journey will then take us through the Netherlands and Belgium before finally reaching the UK again.Our initial plan was to head north all the way to the tip of Norway through Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, and then down the coast of Norway, but after drawing lines on a map we've both agreed this will not be possible in the 6 months we have for the trip. However we both know where our next trip will take us!


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